Episode 4 Preview: Mr. Sloane

on 06 13, 2014

In this video preview for Mr. Sloane episode 4, we have a flashback to one of Jeremy’s birthdays during his marriage to Janet. All is not happy, despite Janet’s best efforts to bring some fun and adventure into their life.

“I hope you don’t end up a bitter old man, regretting your missed opportunities”

Tonight’s ep is when Mr Sloane attempts to break out of his comfort zone.

Jeremy and Robin are very honest about the breakdown of their previous relationships. For Jeremy, it was the structured unspontaneous routines of married life that had lost him Janet. Whilst Robin’s departure from San-Fran to try and make it in swinging London music scene, only resulted in her being cheated by her wannabe rock-star boyfriend.

With Jeremy’s teaching career now fast becoming as moribund as his marriage, he vows to make some changes. His attempts to give some bullies a taste of their own medicine is met with disapproval from those in charge and he finds himself without a job.

But he has unleashed the inner rebel, with a newfound self-assurance. Unfazed, he joins Robin in a trendy night club and even finds it within himself to do the unthinkable: dance. And when Robin bumps into her ex and Jeremy encounters his old school crush Nancy (and his mate Reggie’s ex-wife), the night takes an unexpectedly wild, not to mention romantic turn.

Nick Frost stars as Jeremy Sloane and Ophelia Lovibond is Robin. Olivia Colman is Janet (Jeremy’s ex) and Peter Serafinowicz plays Ross. Whilst Jeremy’s other two mates Beans is played by Lawry Lewin and Reggie by Brendan Patricks. Tune into Sky Atlantic HD Friday 13th June 9pm.


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