Mr. Sloane Premiers Friday 23rd May 9pm on Sky Atlantic

on 05 19, 2014

Mr. Sloane (trailers and clips here) is the new comedy from the Emmy award winning writer of Curb Your Enthusiam, Robert B Weide. Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced) stars in the first of six episodes…

As the 1960s draws to a close, good-natured yet hapless Jeremy Sloane (Frost) has been sacked from his job as an accountant and his brash best friend Ross (Peter Serafinowicz) has just been awarded the promotion he had always dreamed of. If that wasn’t bad enough, his wife Janet (BAFTA winner Olivia Colman) has dumped him and a failed suicide attempt has left his house in urgent need of repair.

But with a collection of self-help tapes, a new job as a substitute teacher and a chance meeting with a pretty American woman named Robin (Ophelia Lovibond, W1A) in the local ironmonger’s, Mr Sloane has a number of reasons to be optimistic about his future. However, with a black cloud of misfortune constantly looming over his head, the newfound spring in his step may not last long, particularly as his first task is to win over his rebellious pupils, who idolised his deceased predecessor.

This original series also stars Lawry Lewin (Horrible Histories) and Brendan Patricks (Downton Abbey) as Sloane’s childhood friends Beans and Reggie. Make sure you’re ready this Friday night at 9pm!

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