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Published on April 9th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley


SyFy Picks Up Blake’s 7 Reboot

Let’s face it, things have been tough for SyFy since it renamed from The Sci-Fi Channel and Battlestar Galactica ended. But they could be on to a winner with their next big series project…

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Yes, the US science fiction TV network (whose output has been steadily moving into non-science fiction territory of late) is entering into co-production with Fremantle Media for the new version of Blake’s 7.

Last year we reported how the show format was being sold to American broadcasters, and with the news that Heroes and CSI writer Joe Pokaski is developing scripts and James Bond director Martin Campbell is also heading for the canvas chair, it seems that the team behind the project have finally got their way.

In a turn of events that isn’t dissimilar to the return of Doctor Who, Big Finish have been producing original cast audios of Blake’s 7 for a while now, foreshadowing a return to TV of this amazing, inspiring and in many ways revolutionary TV series, conceived by Terry Nation with notable contributions from Chris Boucher.

How the modern version will work we don’t yet know, although we’ll be fascinated to see whether Blake is wrongly accused of being a paedophile in order discredit him and if Avon will be banned from digital equipment under a futuristic computer misuse law.

The possibilities for this reboot are endlessly tantalising – let’s just hope it is more BSG and less Doctor Who: The Movie

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Christian Cawley is the editor and founder of Cult Britannia, part of the Atomic Media network of sites that also includes, the popular Doctor Who news site. While not watching British cult TV, Christian enjoys a good read and some classic rock music.

15 Responses to SyFy Picks Up Blake’s 7 Reboot

  1. I read somewhere that the series will comprise of 13, sixty minute episodes.

  2. Never seen Blakes 7, but I could give it a go with this new version! But I’m a huge dr who, so I hope the shows aren’t to similar.

  3. Christian Cawley says:

    They were always very different in approach, but similar in execution in terms of production values – so much so that they almost occupied the same universe. Hopefully the new show will take Blake and co away from these similarities (although the idea of a totalitarian Earth empire fending of Daleks remains tantalising)

  4. Adrian Maddocks says:

    If its anything like the recent V or BSG reboots, I won’t be watching. Some things are best left in the past.

  5. Geoff says:

    I’m looking forward to it but my fears are similar to Adrian Maddocks. I’m worried that part of the pleasure for me was in the production style, being viewed through child’s eyes at the time but remembered with fond nostalgia as an adult. Having said that when I re watched the whole run a while ago I picked up on so much that escaped me as a child, I particularly liked that even though they lived I a futuristic age technology was still a bit crap and caused as many problems as it does now…I suspect that actually will happen.

  6. Elaine says:

    I enjoyed the original, and will be interested to see a reboot. I thought the BSG reboot was excellent – if it’s as good then then I’ll be happy!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have seen the original Blake’s 7 several times. (Have the episodes of VHS) and read the Books. I think that the original episodes should be shown on BBCA or Sci-fi channel prior to the reboot of new episodes. The original episodes are fantastic!

  8. I loved the original Blake’s 7 and still can watch the episodes since I have them of VHS. I think the original series should be shown first. I don’t know if a reboot would be as good. It would take some really big shoes to fill Avon’s part!

  9. Fred Gallo says:

    Loved the original, and I’m a fan of the rebooted dr who. please don’t ever mention that movie again…..

  10. nick says:

    If it’s on SyFy you already know it’s going to be horrid and if not they’ll cancel it before it gets a good run in favor of some new awful scifi show or so they can keep wrestling

  11. Paul Morris says:

    Never going to work!

  12. Clayton Reed says:

    Blakes 7 was a great show in its time. It would clearly need to be refitted with today’s technology. I would assume with this “reboot” the original story never happened but while I have hopes they would do it justice, I am apprehensive.

  13. Perry Armstrong says:

    Blake’s 7 – Versus flying sharks!

  14. Bill Schwartz says:

    People are still hating on the Doctor Who TV movie? Get over it. Jesus Christ, that was almost 20 years ago.

  15. I abandoned all hope for this series as soon as I heard SyFy was involved. It’s screwed. The only possible good thing that MIGHT come from this is that there could finally be a Region 1 release of the DVD sets or possibly even a good blu-ray collector’s set to cash in on the hoped-for resurgence of audience interest in the series.

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