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Published on January 24th, 2014 | by Daren Thomas Curley


Something for the Weekend? Cult Listings 25th & 26th January 2014

Your guide to the highlights and very best of this weekend’s cult TV…

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Saturday 10:25am ITV3 HD (and 11.25 on ITV3+1)

1.4 The Solitary Cyclist

Another showing of this classic piece of Conan Doyle, when Holmes is asked to look into a mysterious bearded cyclist who follows a terrified music teacher as she makes her way to work.

Adapted by the great play/screenwriter Alan Plater and Directed by Paul Annette.


Saturday 9.35 on ITV4 HD (and 10.35 on ITV4+1)

8.2 A Bouquet of Barbed Wine

Arthur’s new consignment of wine, supposedly brewed by Monks is impounded. But retrieving the goods and finding it undrinkable, both Arthur and Ray try to return it only get caught and locked inside! Stephen Tompkinson stars with George Cole and Gary Webster… 

The Professionals

Saturday 10.35 on ITV4 HD (and 11.35 on ITV4+1)

4.9 Slush Fund

Classic episode starring Linda Bellingham and David Swift, as Bodie and Doyle investigate a consortium looking to build a lethal fighter plane in Eastern Europe with a terrifying safety record.

Only Fools and Horses

Roger Lloyd-Pack as Trigger in Only Fools and Horses

Saturday from 10am on GOLD (and 11am on GOLD+1)

Ahead of Del Boy and Rodders return in Sport Relief this year, relive this entire box set classic series. The iconic  set of episodes where Rodney first meets Cassandra and Del becomes a yuppie. Stars the late Roger Lloyd Pack as Trigger at his best.

“Nice and cool, Trig, nice and cool…”

Inspector Morse

Saturday from 4.55pm on ITV3 HD (and 5.55pm on ITV3+1)

4.3 Driven to Distraction

Christopher Fulford, Patrick Malahide and Jake Wood star in this classic adaption by Antony Minghella in full (based on the novel by Colin Dexter).  When a woman is found murdered near a driving school, the investigation proves a testing time for Morse, especially as Lewis has been paired with an attractive female colleague!

Superman III

Saturday 5pm on DAVE (and 6pm on Dave Ja Vu)

Directed by Richard Lester, the third outing for Christopher Reeve’s Superman is often much maligned for its more comic turn. But its time for a reappraisal… Not only is Not The Nine O’Clock News’ Pamela Stephenson and the great stand up Richard Prior are on board, but so is Napoleon Solo/Hustle star Robert Vaughn. Whilst decidedly lighter, it offers one of the most iconic moments with a ‘bad’ Superman literally separating as entire from from the ‘nice’ Superman. Hard drinking nasty Superman dukes it out with yet another Superman? What’s not to like?


Saturday 6pm on SyFy (and 7pm on SyFy +1)

Peter Yates 1983 epic $27 million dollar epic which follows Prince Colwyn who has to recover a magical glaive to rescue his kingdom and his love from a fearful beast and slayers. A diverse cast boasting Freddie Jones, Francessca Annis, Alun Armstrong and Todd Carty no less.

All Creatures Great and Small / The Young James Herriot

Saturday, from 6pm on Drama…

Series three repeat kicks off, followed by the first of the recent three part drama which follows a young James played by The Fades/Agents of SHEILD’s Iain De Caestecker. Set in 1933 Yorkshire.

Die Another Day

A bearded James Bond is traded in Die Another Day.

Saturday 9pm ITV2 HD (and on 10pm ITV2 +1)

A much derided Bond outing and the final for Brosnan’s incarnation has much to recommend, in spite of its obvious flaws. Not least for the nod/adaptation of Fleming’s Moonraker novel, the wonderful sequence of a battered imprisoned Bond, breaking free to go on his own mission and that impressive car chase in the ice (just don’t mention the CG water skiing moment)!

The Professionals

Sunday 11.40 on ITV4 HD (and 12.40 on ITV4+1)

4.13 Weekend In the Country

Another classic ep, where Bodie and Doyle’s attempts at a country holiday with their girlfriends go horribly wrong and they are held hostage by two gunmen fresh from a botched robbery.

Also stars  Blake’s 7’s Travis Brian Croucher, Ray Burdis, Bryan Pringle and Louisa Rix. 

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf X

Sunday 10.00 on Dave (and 11.00 on Dave Ja Vu)

2.1 Kryten and 2.2 Better Than Life

Two back to back classic episodes of the great scifi  comedy series. Series Two was when the Dwarf really started upping its game with even more imaginative plots and ideas…

In Kryten, the crew answer a distress call to find a trio of women stranded. But it’s the deranged mechanoid they need to worry about! This is the first appearance of Kryten who would of course go on to become  a series regular (once he’s re-programmed). This first and initial outing, however is played not by Robert Lewellyn, but by David Ross.

Better than Life is when the boys put themselves into a virtual computer game and live out all of their fantasies… But they hadn’t planned on Rimmer!

Doctor Who


Sunday 10.00 on Watch HD up to 3pm (and 11.00 on Watch +1)

1.11 Boomtown, 1.12 Bad Wolf and 1.13 The Parting of the Ways

It doesn’t get better than this. This epic first season finale of the Nu Who as created by Russell T Davies nicely upscaled prints on HD. The Doctor and his team firstly stop off in Cardiff to charge up the TARDIS by a rift, but soon discover that not all of the Slitheens they thought dispatched in London are gone! Much debated by fans a real like/hate, this ep does have some wonderful scenery chewing moments between the great Christopher Eccleston and Annette Badland.

Following this adventure, we are into the epic season finale which formed part of last year’s BFI 50th screenings. The culmination of the Bad Wolf arc and a return to Satellite Five, which is now some futurist game station beaming down to the earth, versions of Big Brother, The Weakest Link and What Not To Wear are given with a twist. But behind the games is a more sinister intent and old enemy lurking in the shadows… An epic finale which sees the departure of the short lived but ‘fantastic’ ninth Doctor. Gone, but not forgotten.

2.1 New Earth, 2.2 Tooth and Claw and 2.3 School Reunion

Continued from the first season finale and Watch treat us yet again to upscaled HD Who as we are into David Tennant’s first season (and season two of the Nu Who). Moisturise me on New Earth, Werewolves and Queen Victoria right up to the magnificent return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9! What a perfect Sunday afternoon treat.

One Foot In The Grave

Sunday 1.10pm on Drama

Series 3, episodes one and two…

From being burgled to being haunted by nightmares, this One Foot double bill by the superb David Renwick.  I don’t believe it!

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Sunday 3pm on Film4 HD and 4pm on Film4+1

Now we are talking! Sunday afternoon perfection, from Ray Harryhausen’s classic stop motion that offers us monstrous Cyclops and fighting skeletons. Join Captain Sinbad on an island full of the weird and wonderful and off to Bagdad complete with evil sorcerers in tow…

The Tomorrow People

Sunday 5pm on More Four

1.3 Girl, Interrupted

I grew up with the original cult British telly from the 70’s, which already had a make-over in the 1990’s with Neighbours actor Kristian Schmid…

This US remake has more than a nod to the original show. Secret bases in disused underground (or subway) station, TIM the supercomputer (voiced by Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens) and even character names such as John, Stephen and the evil Jedikah are given a 21st century re-imagining…

This owes a lot to the 1990’s take too, and has a whiff of Smallville, Jumper, Chronicle and X Men about it in tone and its no bad thing… It’s a lot of fun and holds true to the origins of the show. The original creator Roger Price calls it ‘the best version yet’. So who are we to disagree?

The Musketeers

Sunday 9pm on BBC One HD

1.2 Sleight of Hand

This may have started as a bizarre 6pm Robin Hood-like follow up, but its early days and has a lot of heart, action and fun. So a lot more to come! What ep Albert the fifth Muskateer arrives, I’m not sure…

All for one…

Tonight’s ep guest stars Jason Flemyng in an ep where Vadim the notorious criminal engineers a prison riot… Can the Musketeers foil his plan which may prove fatal for the King? I’m guessing yes is the answer. But don’t take my word for it. 



Sunday 8pm on Alibi (and 9pm on Alibi+1)

2.1 Scandal In Belgravia

Sherlovians missing Benny and Martin after that amazing season finale last Sunday can step back to season two and watch Laura Pulver’s unforgettable debut as the sometimes scantily clad Irene Adler? Ok, scantily is coy. She’s blimming naked for heaven’s sake.

A case of blackmail threatens the very Monarchy itself and has links to underground terrorism and a conspiracy to the heart of the government… It pulls in Sherlock on a more personal level than ever before… But you knew that, didn’t you?

Jonathan Creek

Sunday 10.30pm on Drama

1.4 No Trace of Tracey

More from the brilliant pen of David Renwick in this superb 90’s detective-comedy-drama. In this ep a teenager disappears after going to visit her favourite pop star… Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin star alongside Ralph Brown (who won’t beat anyone to death with their own shoes, promise)!

Harry Brown

Sunday 10.30pm on Drama

Death Wish and Grand Torino like revenge thriller starring the wonderful Michael Caine  as a terminally ill man who takes matters into his own hands on a grimy London estate. Stella brit cast include Iain Glen, Emily Mortimore and Ben Drew.

Not The Nine O’Clock News

Sunday 11pm on Drama GOLD (12pm on GOLD+1)

Highlights of this great comedy show that launched the careers of Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones and Pamela Stephenson. A must see.


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