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Where Would Frankie Have Gone For Series 2?

Frankie was a British television drama about Frankie Maddox, a district nurse more emotionally involved with her job than her personal life. Cancelled after a single series, the show has a passionate fan base and many viewers want to know how the story would have unfolded in later series.

Eve Myles (Torchwood) played the title role and was joined by Dean Lennox Kelly (Shameless, Married Single Other) as Frankie’s long term boyfriend Ian, and Derek Riddell (Five Days, Garrow’s Law), as her confidante and team member Andy.

Additional cast included Jemma Redgrave (Unforgiven, Bramwell, Doctor Who), Julia Ford (New Tricks, Shameless), Leila Mimmack (Inside Men, Mayday) and Carla Henry (New Street Law, Mysterious Creatures). Unfortunately the BBC canceled the show after the first series which left many fans disappointed.

Series creator and writer Lucy Gannon has outlined the basic plot lines for series 2 for the fans who wished to know what would have happened to the upbeat district nurse, her friends and colleagues.

Lucy Gannon:

This is all roughed out, not in any great prose: I’ve stripped out all back stories, team emotional arcs, medical stories and the ‘mechanics’ of a series and just left you with the Frandy, or Frian part.

Frankie is a strong, happy woman, and in Series 1 we have seen her on the cusp of accepting a proposal of marriage from her long term partner, Ian, only to discover that he’s betrayed her. That would have been bad enough, but the woman he slept with is one of Frankie’s team, Paula, a young, unlikeable girl, and now Frankie has to face her every day. Frankie has come to realise, but to deny even to herself, that there’s a magnetic sexual attraction between her and Andy, one of the District Nurses. The last series ended with her in the middle of a dilemma… Andy, Ian or neither? The first ep of the second series sees that question answered. But Frankie doesn’t need a man. She enjoys male companionship and sex, but she has never felt that she must have a man on her arm in order to be complete. But she’s a gregarious sociable being too, and she’s with Andy every damn day, and hell’s teeth, he’s sexy and he makes her laugh in a grown up way, a witty way, whereas Ian’s humour was always a bit immature.

For Andy’s part, he’s got through his first year in District Nursing and maybe it’s becoming a bit same-ish to him. Without the distraction of partner/family, maybe the daily grind of dressings and insulin aren’t enough…. but then there’s Frankie and it’s her (although he might not admit to himself) that’s keeping him here. By the end of series 1, he knows he fancies her rotten and she knows it too and between series he’s only just managed to keep their friendship platonic. We deliberately have kept Andy as a bit of an enigma in the first series, and will start to peel the layers away from ep 1 of series 2. Ian has ricocheted from Frankie into Paula’s willing and needy arms. He’s lost. He’s sort of bereaved by the sudden and complete split with Frankie the future he had imagined for himself and Frankie has gone forever and he’s not sure what he wants now. And now read on……

Episode One

The only strand shown in the ‘the story so far’ sequence will be the Frankie/Andy/Ian story, ending with the kiss and Frankie’s dodge under the desk. Then a black card: The next day. And a brief and busy, funny team scene with F and A not even looking at each other. And then a CU scene, embarrassed but intense, both saying ‘It was a mistake. Hopeless. Awful. It didn’t happen. Back to normal, eh?’ and huge relief from both of them. And then a card: ‘Seven months later.’ The first scene of the new story, is a busy/funny one in which both Andy and Frankie can’t conceal that they have the hots for each other big time, but both are determined not to be the first to ‘break’. The medical story will play out with Frankie and Andy heading relentlessly towards each other, nudged that way by the stress of the medical story. The end of that first episode will be the two of them, giving up the struggle, falling into each other’s arms. Phew. We see that Paula and Ian are together but it’s as if, every time he kisses her, he’s looking over her shoulder (metaphorically) to see what Frankie’s doing. They are a scratchy, ill matched couple. She’s clingy and demanding by turn, and he responds too much sometimes and not at all at other times. The truth is that they wouldn’t be together if Ian hadn’t once had a relationship with Frankie and they both know it. Frankie is like a wee ghosty in their relationship.

Episode Two

Frankie and Andy are pretending that nothing has changed, but ending up together most nights. Some fun to be had as Frankie arrives in his Spartan flat and brings in flowers and clutter, leaves washing up in the sink and undies soaking in the bath. It’s his fault, she says, for not having a washing machine. He says he uses the laundrette. She says that’s ridiculous what is this, East Enders? They agree to meet at Frankie’s place in future, to save on stress. First little hint, under the laughter, that Andy is a bit repressed, a bit under control and a bit controlling although self-aware enough to try to step back from it. Important to say that this is a healthy, happy relationship and any cracks in Andy’s serenity are minor and managed. He’s not a psycho, he’s not in denial, he’s trying to cope with his internal world the best way he knows how.

Episode Three

Mary realises that Frankie and Andy are together and unwittingly or maybe deliberately reveals this to everyone else, including Paula/Ian. At the end of the first act, feeling completely emasculated now that he sees Frankie blossom in her robust relationship with Andy, Ian proposes to Paula. He feels a shit even as he pops the question, cos he knows she’s not the woman he wants to be with for ever and he knows it’s a knee jerk reaction to Frankie’s happiness. Paula insists on a huge engagement ring and starts the wedding plans. This isn’t what Ian intended at all. And what’s more she doesn’t want to wait a year as Ian suggests. She wants to get married in six weeks

Episode Four

Fun with Paula’s wedding plans. Frankie gets more and more concerned about Ian, – does he really want to marry this greedy little biatch?

Episode Five

A massive story for Ian, and it’s his exit from the series. Leaving the way clear, one would think for Frandy…. And for Frankie, surprised at how sad she is about Ian’s departure (alright, alright, I’ll tell you…. we had planned for him to die in a huge story) and still attracted to Andy…… well, Frankie decides that she doesn’t need a man just now. Maybe she never will. Maybe she will be one of those of people who can go through life self contained, enjoying great friendships, love affairs… but never quite finding the love of her dreams.

Episode Six

And then there’s a huge story, a real love story and adventure, but just as Frankie is about to give her heart to Andy, he’s called back to the Army for a 6month tour. Leaving the way open for series 3.

Some bloody hopes, eh?

We’ll probably never see Frankie on TV again. But if we did, it would probably look a lot like this. What do you think?

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