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Published on February 7th, 2014 | by Daren Thomas Curley


Grimm Creatures to Haunt Shoreditch

Built in 1865, Shoreditch Town Hall’s ancient corridors and rooms will be full of scary and dark Grimm fairytale creations from March 14 as part of a disturbing immersive theatre experience based on the Grimm Tales adapations by His Dark Materials author Philip Pullman

A show for all the family, this production will allow the audience to interact and touch the characters, including the unmade beds of the Seven Dwarfs, the witch blinding the Prince in Rapunzel and Little Red Riding’s Grandmother, who is clambering out of the stomach of the wolf.

“This will translate the rollicking pace of the stories’ plots into raw action, just as vividly as Pullman and the Grimm Brothers did in deciphering ages-old spoken folktales into the prevailing page-turners of their time.” Promises Director Philip Wilson.

Philip Pullman has explained how these wonderful tales aren’t merely something from a book, as many will think. “Infact, the tales are much older than that. Originally, they weren’t even written down, but told orally”. So he believes a dramatic production like this seems like a return to their origin. He adds “I’m sure the tales will flourish in this setting, and I greatly look forward to seeing how they come to life.”

This isn’t the first adaptation of Pullman’s work. His Dark Materials was adapted for the stage in 2003 at the National Theatre, and later that year The Firework-Maker’s Daughter was made into an opera.

Grimm Tales will run until April 24 and tickets are on sale now.

You can hear Pullman read from his takes below:

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