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Ian Fleming Biopic Starts On Sky Atlantic Next Week

For Your Eyes Only… The Sky Atlantic/BBC America co-Production Fleming begins Wednesday 12th February

The name is Cooper, Dominic Cooper…

The History Boys and Mamma Mia star Dominic Cooper plays Ian Fleming, the debonair and enigmatic creator of James Bond.

Dominic says: “Stepping into the shoes of the spy who not only created the enigmatic character of 007, but who fantasised about being him, has to be every actor’s dream. I am honoured.”

“We wanted someone who could be intelligent and have the ability to be charming but underneath be very dangerous,” says co-executive producer Douglas Rae. “We saw in Dominic someone who had the ability to almost play two characters at once.”


Sherlock‘s Lara Pulver plays Ann O’Neill who is married to Lord O’Neill, but while he serves in the military she is indulging in an affair with newspaper magnate Esmond Rothermere. When she meets Fleming, however, the pair are infatuated and become entangled in a twisted game of passions.

Samuel West plays Admiral John Godfrey, Fleming’s boss in naval intelligence, and the man who inspired the character of ‘M’.

Four Weddings And A Funeral and star of The Hour, Anna Chancellor plays Second Officer Monday, a plucky secretary in naval intelligence.

She’s the first to spot the potential in Fleming, in spite of his self-destructive tendencies, and they enjoy a largely platonic albeit mildly flirtatious relationship.

Behind the scenes video:

Don Macpherson explains how he began writing a drama about a real life figure such as Ian Fleming…

“It is exhaustively researched, based on truth but told in the spirit of Fleming’s own storytelling, which aims to capture the essence of his most famous character and it echoes in his real life.”

John Pearson, who worked with Fleming at The Sunday Times and knew him well had written an insightful biography. This was the basis for the scripts. The programme makers had John’s original notes and interviews with the many people close to Ian, including Ian’s wife Ann and his wartime boss at Naval Intelligence, Admiral Godfrey.


“Fleming was undoubtedly a complex and chameleon-like man, but that is what drew me to him. It’s a challenge to create a drama about another writer, to try to understand where someone finds inspiration for their own creation – especially when James Bond is one of the most iconic figures in modern thriller fiction.”

Fleming was a master storyteller, a wonderful raconteur.  The research material offered differing versions of what had happened to Fleming during his career with Naval Intelligence – and many of the more exciting versions of the stories had been suggested by Fleming himself.

Fleming’s personal talents for imagination and deception were always admired. He was a key player in wartime Naval Intelligence. It’s known he did spend time in Paris, Lisbon, America, Canada and Germany during the war. He set up the 30 Assault Unit and was its commanding officer. He also took part in the ‘K Protocol’, the ultimate test for secret agents. He was also in France with Admiral Darlan as France fell to the Nazis.

It’s true that a lot of the Bond adventures are drawn from Fleming’s own life. But his biographers show that Bond was a fictional composite of people he had met. From John Pearson’s interviews, Ian knew he was not like Bond. But he had a strong sense of wish-fulfilment.

Fleming official site :

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