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Misfits Series Four: New Details

The Misfits has become a show that like BBC’s Being Human, has so far defied the usual television stigma of being doomed for the axe every time it loses one of the cast. Now, with the fourth series of the hit show rolling towards our screens at a rapid pace, the show will be faced with it’s biggest challenge yet after some of the series biggest stars, Simon (Iwan Rheon), Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Kelly (Lauren Socha) left after the third series concluded.

But series creator Howard Overman and producer Matt Strevens think that the show will continue to find success, as Overman’s strong words quickly reveal:

“Nobody likes it when their favourite characters leave a show, but EastEnders survived without Rolly the poodle, and so will we.”

Of course, fans eyes are set on the additions of new Misfits Jess (Karla Crome) and Finn (Nathan McMullen). Strevens gave little hints as to what the new guys are like:

“So we have Jess and Finn [who] are on community service and we meet them in episode one. Then we have Alex, who is not in orange but is key to the series story arc. And finally Abby who the gang meet at a party later in the series but you will have to see if she joins the main gang or not.

As when Rudy replaced Nathan we’re not trying to replace like with like .The new gang are very different and the dynamic feels totally new – but still Misfits”

Overman told us what else we might expect in series four:

“killer rabbits and the four horsemen of the apocalypse and a puppy [that] meets a very tragic demise. In some ways this series is a lot like Pet Rescue, only with super powers and swearing.

Probation workers are never safe in Misfits…although the new one is a scary bastard.”

Also a hot topic is what new powers we might see and Strevens gave a tease of what we are getting:

“I can do you telekinesis, x-ray vision, a very bad memory, and the power to be pussy whipped.”

Misfits series Four will appear on our screens sometime later this year.

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Red Dwarf YouTube Channel Launches!

With all the excitement of Red Dwarf X coming to Dave, it almost makes you want to forget all else and throw yourself into suspended animation until the Fall arrives so you don’t have to wait one more second before the new series starts.

But before you do, you might want to consider taking a look at the newly launched Red Dwarf You Tube channel, which has plenty of classic Red Dwarf clips to help you pass the time till September. It also contains this exclusive introductory video from the cast of Red Dwarf:

Besides, I have heard that being in suspended animation does not always turn out exactly as planned…

Red Dwarf X will be broadcast sometime in September 2012 on Dave.

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Skyfall Glencoe Shoot Pics

Filming for the twenty third James Bond film, Skyfall, continued on the 9th of February with a location shoot in Glencoe Scotland. Both Daniel Craig and Judi Dench were spotted on location during the shoot.

For the full gallery, head to MI6-hq.com, where you will find lots of pictures of people standing still waiting to make something amazing.

As you can see, there isn’t an *awful* lot happening, but it’s good to see the show back on the road at last!

James Bond: Skyfall Location Pictures

The twenty third James Bond film, Skyfall, resumed filming after a Christmas break and used locations such as Trinity Square and the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Scenes were being filmed for a funeral sequence where eight coffins were draped in the Union Jack. It has been assumed that this scene will appear early in the film.

A teasing picture was posted on the @007 Twitter page, but did not give away too much of the action or any clues to the rest of the film:


There was also a mad rush to the apartment buildings at 10 Trinity Square after it was spotted as another Bond filming location, but not much to be seen here besides knowing that there was definitely filming going on there and it was definitely the Skyfall crew:

Meanwhile Bond Site MI6 reported a Judi Dench (who returns as M in the film) sighting, on location shooting what is believed to be a scene set at Whitehall. Roy Kinnear (playing Bill Tanner) can also be seen in the first photo:


Red Dwarf: Set Pics and Videos!

Red Dwarf X is in production as we speak, and there have been a couple photos and videos released to tide you over till the new series makes it debut on Dave late in 2012.

First the videos, the first of which shows Cat (Danny John-Jules) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) getting their make up done for the new series:

The second is the most exciting video I have ever seen of Shepperton Studio’s, I was truly blown away when I saw it:

Sorry about that.

But here are two pics from rehearsals and the make up testing that might make you feel a bit better:

Here without costumes and on what apears to be an unfinished set, are (With his back to camera) Lister (Craig Charles), Cat (Danny John-Jules) and Rimmer (Chris Barrie).

More on the ongoing production of Red Dwarf X as it comes in!

Images Of The Hobbit

MSN posted an exclusive new photo of the cast of Peter Jackson’s first film in The Hobbit series An Unexpected Journey. It joins two other promotional pics as some of the first official images released of the film and it’s actors.

The new photo shows Aidan Turner (Being Human) and Dean O’Gorman as Fili and Kili, a pair of dwarfs:

Two of the youngest Dwarves, Fili and Kili have been born into the royal line of Durin and raised under the stern guardianship of their uncle, Thorin Oakensheild. Neither has ever travelled far, nor ever seen the fabled Dwarf City of Erebor. For both, the journey to the Lonely Mountain represents adventure and excitement. Skilled fighters, both brothers set off on their adventure armed with the invincible courage of youth, neither being able to imagine the fate which lies before them.

The previous photos released photos were also re-posted with accompanying information.

Jed Brophy as Nori, Adam Brown as Ori and Mark Hadlow as Dori in “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” (Photo by James Fisher)

These three brothers, all sons of the same mother, could not be more different from each other. Dori, the oldest, spends much of his time watching out for Ori, the youngest; making sure he’s not caught a chill or got himself killed by Wargs or Goblins. Nobody quite knows what Nori gets up to most of the time, except that it’s guaranteed to be dodgy and quite probably, illegal. Dori, Nori and Ori are intensely loyal to each other – and whilst they are perfectly happy fighting amongst themselves, woe-betide anyone who means harm to one of these brothers.

John Callen as Oin and Peter Hambleton as Gloin in “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” (Photo by James Fisher)

Distant cousins of Thorin Oakenshield, these two doughty, Northern Dwarves join the Company out of a sense of loyalty to their kin, and also because they have a substantial sum of money invested in the venture. Along with Bombur, Gloin is the only other married Dwarf in the Company (there being a shortage of female dwarves in general). His wife is an acclaimed beauty with a particularly fine beard. Gloin is the proud father of a young son, Gimli, who will go on to become part of the famous Fellowship of the Ring.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will open in the UK on the 14th of December 2012.

(Via MSN Entertainment)