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Misfits: Curtis ‘Unravels’ Series Three

When we return to the world of the Misfits this weekend, we will not only see a new member of the group in Rudy but also get to see established characters in a new light.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, who plays Curtis, a former school track star turned ASBO, tells us that Curtis has a new direction in the third series:

“I think my character, Curtis, in a sense unravels slightly. He’s so cool, to his detriment, and almost quite stoic. And he kind of loses that – so there’s a twist this year.

What’s going on this year has taken him in a completely different direction. It’s been a lot different to play, a lot of fun. He’s unravelling – I think of it like wool, he’s just lost it!”

Jarrett also commented on Curtis’ new power, which is much different then his former power of being able to reverse time in certain situations:

“It isn’t as useful [as his old power]… but he has fun with it. It’s fun!”

Misfits returns on the 30th of October at 10PM on E4.

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Review: Misfits Vegas Baby! Online Film

Departures are usually met with a sense of apprehension, whether that apprehension is for something positive or negative in nature. This time is no exception as we say goodbye to Nathan (Robert Sheehan), the member of the Misfits gang that if not the most popular, was surely the rudest and most hilarious of the ASBO sentenced group that gained superpowers along with so many others in that freak storm at the start of the series.

As the title Vegas Baby implies we find Nathan in the city of bright lights and high stakes gambling with a new power that he traded immortality in for, which is being able to preform magic like feats just by force of will. It seems that after he was free of his ASBO he had the usual thoughts any new father and recent family man would have. Money.

Of course this being Nathan and this being the Misfits, this meant Nathan trying to haul away some serious cash at the craps table by controlling the dice via his power, which also meant that being Natahn that he messed up big time by shooting dice on the last big bet that had a die imprinted with the number seven on one side, this being of course impossible and landing him in the Nevada Department of Corrections.

This short online film was a tease in many ways, being way too short after the Misfits extended absence from our screens. It was written in the usual brilliant style that Howard Overman carried through two series of adventures with our orange jump suited friends as well as some of the better Merlin episodes over the span of that series and the Dirk Gently special that has now been turned into a short series as well for broadcast in the near future  (As an aside, a big wish on my British cult television wish-list is to see Howard Overman tackle a Doctor Who script as well as I think he would be a perfect fit.).

It is nice to know also that Overman did not make the mistake of killing Nathan off, meaning that although it will not likely be in this series that Nathan has a chance of getting out of jail and re-appearing and making our stomach hurt and our eyes tear from too much raunchy laughter.

One low point if there can really be such a thing in under ten minutes of footage is where Nathan escapes casino security after his deception is discovered by pulling a rabbit out of his backside. It fits Nathan’s usual character to be sure and I too admit to most likely finding myself a bit distracted if I saw someone do such a thing, but probably not so much that I allowed the guy to run past me and get away temporarily. This is nit picking in the extreme as it is a send off for the character not to be over analyzed too much, but really this does stretch believability as far as the fiction goes.

Reaching the end of the short, we are briefly introduced to Nathan’s replacement in Misfits for series three Rudy (Joe Gilgun), but really there is not much to tell about how good or bad a new addition might be from a random spin on his feet to answer ‘Barry’s’ mobile and the lines “There’s no Barry here Mate’.

As short films go it was nice to see Nathan off in style rather then a throw away line in the first proper episode of series three and something to wet the appetite for when the full series returns in October. I for one cannot wait to see what new powers they all have and to see if Rudy can even start to fill the large gap left in Nathan’s wake.

Save me Barry!

Misfit In Las Vegas

When Misfits returns to E4 in October it will be minus a very central part of the cast that was a fan favorite during the first two runs, Robert Sheehan, who played the filthy yet hilarious Nathan.

But we will at least get to see Nathan one more time as, armed with a new superpower, Nathan heads to the capital of sin, Las Vegas for an online exclusive eight minute film that will let us all say goodbye while probably doubling over in laughter.

The short will be released on the 15th September on the E4 Misfits website:

Ok Misfits fans, as you probably know, Misfits returns to E4 in October with some changes. Robert Sheehan is leaving and Joe Gilgun is joining the gang. And to say farewell to Nathan and hearty hello to Joe we’ve got an exclusive film coming right here to E4.com.

The film focusses on Nathan, who – armed with a new superpower – has got a plan to go out in style. His target? Las Vegas, baby!

With Marnie and little Nathan Jnr. still in the picture, Nathan is plotting to use his new superpower to scam the casinos. It’s a sure-fire plan that can’t fail. Except it will, of course.

Vegas Baby! will premiere right here on E4.com/misfits on Thursday 15 September.


Robert Sheehan will be replaced in the Misfits cast by actor Joe Gilgun, who will play newly added Misfit Rudy.

Misfits returns to E4 in October.

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Arthur Speaks Uther And Morgana

Bradley James, who plays Arthur the future king of Camelot, revealed some details about how both his father Uther and his sister Morgana will be represented when Merlin Returns for a fourth series.

He first explains a little bit of how his character may be a bit more in charge now, even with Uther still alive as the rightful king:

“Uther’s kind of sat in the corner, screaming to himself and people aren’t as ready to take orders from a madman…Arthur has found himself in that position where he’s having to take responsibility for the kingdom.”

And also discussed was his relationship with his sister, who also was revealed to be more then just a little evil throughout series three:

“That [relationship] could go in any direction,”

“For Arthur, you could probably ask the question, ‘Does he still have that soft sport for her?’, or has he just instantly turned and become anti-Morgana?”

Merlin Returns in the fall.

Robert Sheehan: Misfit Moves On

Recently Digital Spy was able to catch up with Robert Sheehan, who played the lovable yet foul mouthed and lewd Nathan on E4’s Misfits. He discussed leaving the series after two years as well as a small very vague clue about the special web episode of the Misfits that will see Nathan off.

On the decision to leave the Misfits:

“[I made the decision] well before we finished series two. There’s a strange kind of a theme of… There’s a few articles I’ve seen on the internet or whatever about how I’ve left Misfits to go off and do films and that’s all so bulls**t, that’s complete nonsense. I left Misfits to go off and do other stuff, completely unspecific. I just left because a rolling stone gathers no moss, as they say, and I just wanted to p*ss off and do other things, you know? It’s nice that the show’s successful but it doesn’t mean complete blind and unadmonished loyalty – ‘If something is very successful you should stick to it like a barnacle!”

Robert was also asked if he has seen any of his fellow stars from Misfits since he was last working on the set of series two:

“The last one I saw was Lauren. We were on the Isle of Wight, funnily enough. I’m looking forward to seeing them. We all scattered like cats once our work obligations were finished, we all went our separate ways, and in this crazy world of ours it’s hard to meet up at times, so it’s nice to have these occasions where we can all reunionise.”

The online Misfits film, which will give Nathan a proper send off and bridge the gap between series two and three Robert says “just involves me and also Joseph’s character a little bit.”, to which he refers to Joseph Gilgun, the actor who replaces Robert as the fifth member of the Misfits as Rudy. Joeseph was recently shown on set with the rest of the main cast in the familiar orange jumpsuits.

Robert also gave his opinion on his replacement in the world of superpowers and ASBO:

“I’m sure as soon as episode one of series three starts [the fans will] have forgotten all about me because old Joseph Gilgun, who’s brilliant and funny and hilarious, is coming in and he’s doing a part. He’s the fifth member of the gang now…They’ve cast well. They’re lucky to have got him, I think.”

Speaking of fans, Robert was also asked about how he felt about the outcry by regular viewers spilled across the internet when he made his immediate future acting plans clear:

“Their outcry was probably displayed across the web very dramatically but I think it’s only because they’re very, very internet friendly. They tweet and Facebook all day long. But yeah, I was flattered by the outrage and the shock. It means they’ll miss me!”

He also says you can really never rule him out of returning to the series in a guest appearance capacity:

“There’s no point in saying never. It holds a very fond little place in my heart. No, it’s been a great big part of my life and there’s no point in turning your back on something completely. I’m not doing that, I would never say never. But I suppose it depends how many series of the show there’s going to be. I suppose there’s room for many more.”

Misfits series three has begun filming this month and is expected on E4 in the Autumn, with the online film sometime prior to transmission.

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Sounds Of The Misfits

It happens all the time.

You are sitting there watching your favorite television programme when a piece of music catches your ear. You spend the rest of the day humming it and you would like to know who the artist was so you can hear that great tune again at your convenience.

But now you will have no such worries about the tunes played in E4’s Misfits series one and two as an official soundtrack will soon be released featuring all the tracks you have not been able to bash out of your head yet with a sledgehammer.

The album will be released on the 9th of May and will feature Blur, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen and of course The Rapture doing “Echos”, the Misfits title track I hummed for about a day after each installment of the first two series. The full track listing is below:

1. The Rapture: ‘Echoes’
2. Foals: ‘Spanish Sahara’
3. The Chemical Brothers: ‘Swoon’ (Boys Noise Summer Remix)
4. The Cure: ‘Lullaby’
5. Vince Pope: ‘Into The Storm’
6. Maps: ‘Love Will Come’
7. The Black Keys: ‘Thickfreakness’
8. Massive Attack: ‘Paradise Circus’
9. Vince Pope: ‘Simon & Alisha’s Theme’
10. Steven Mason: ‘All Come Down’
11. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: ‘Rifles’
12. Death In Vegas: ‘Dirge’
13. The Fratellis: ‘Creepin Up The Backstairs’
14. Echo & The Bunnymen: ‘The Killing Moon’
15. Grace Jones: ‘I’ve Seen That Face Before’
16. Labi Siffre: ‘I Don’t Know What Happened To The Kids’
17. Blur: ‘To The End’
18. Vince Pope: ‘Misfits: End Titles’

Misfits will return for a third series in the Fall.

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Whithouse Interview On Being Human Finale

The following contains some pretty heavy spoilers about the series three finale of Being Human. If you have not seen it yet and do not wish to be spoiled please read no further.

Being Human‘s third series ended with an event that might have been a shock if not for the common realization that Aiden Turner was going to get other acting jobs and most likely leave Being Human and the Mitchell the vampire he plays on the series behind. No one could quite guess that he might not make it out alive, fangs or no fangs.

Even more fantastic was the fact that he died at the hands of Russel Tovey’s character and main Being Human cast member George.

However, Entertainment Weekly was lucky enough to get some face time with Toby Whithouse, creator of Being Human and writer of the final episode. Questions about the finale were of course top priority, starting with the hows and whys of losing one of his his stars to Hollywood:

To be honest, the first time I met Aidan. I knew he was somebody we’d only be borrowing from movie stardom. In the U.S. you’ll contract actors for seven seasons — we don’t have the finances to do that. So every time we start a new series, we have to renegotiate with the actors and see whom we have left. Sure enough, Peter Jackson came along and saw Aidan and whisked him away to New Zealand. The thing is, I was kind of preparing myself for that on series 2 when I wrote the sequence where he kills all those people on the train. I always knew that would ultimately be the reason for the character’s exit, whether it happened at the end of series 3 or 33.

As it was, we had Aidan for series 3. He got offered the job toward the end of filming that [season], so I hadn’t written the last episode yet. I think even the shooting script had a number of different endings, including one where he gets whisked back to Bolivia with the other vampires. As a matter of fact, it was really Aidan who pushed for Mitchell to be killed, because he thought that was the appropriate ending for the character.

Also discussed were plans for the future. Besides Whithouse telling us that there will be a future vampire on the show of a good nature, that a story for the online spin off Becoming Human resident vampire Adam could be a possibility with the right script in the future and also about the cast f0r series four:

Lee Ingleby [Wyndam] is coming back for some of [series]4. We’re also bringing back Tom, the young werewolf. The cast of the show is constantly changing and evolving and growing and shrinking. We’ve been very lucky that pretty much every single guest actor we’ve had, as they’ve been leaving, has said “You know, I could come back if you wanted me to.” Being Human is a bit like a Mexican daytime soap — even if someone dies, it doesn’t preclude them from coming back at some point.

And also on what may happen to George after his “act”:

I couldn’t possibly say. We have a very loyal, tenacious, passionate fan base. They often ask me questions through the website. On the one hand they’re saying, “Can you tell me what’s going to happen on the next series?” On the other, when some of the press kit went on the Internet, they bemoaned that there were spoilers in it. I write on Doctor Who and I think I feel the way about Doctor Who that Being Human fans feel about Being Human: The downside of working on it is that I know the stuff that’s coming up, so I don’t watch it as an audience member. In a way I sort of want to say to the fans, “Hang on to that lack of knowledge. You’ll regret it when you don’t have it.”

Being Human will return for a fourth series sometime in 2012.

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Cast Change For Misfits In Series Three

Filming will soon begin for E4’s Misfits, the excellent adult orientated Sci-Fi drama written by Howard Overman. However, it seems that sex crazed and funny as hell Nathan (Robert Sheehan) will not be joining the rest of the Asbo crew for the series third season.

But before we say goodbye we will be able to join Nathan on a trip to Las Vegas that will also introduce Rudy who will join the rest of the cast for the eight installments of the third series.

The event will take place in an exclusive online short that will be shown before series three is shown on television. It is another example of the way the internet and technology is changing the entertainment industry, but writer/creator Howard Overman seems more excited about the possibility then worried about how the way Nathan is written off the series:

“It’s great to be launching the third series of Misfits with an online film which introduces our new character Rudy, as well as saying goodbye to Nathan.”

Executive producer Petra Fried knows that wise cracking Nathan was popular with fans, but has faith the the series will still be entertaining without him and that newcomer Rudy is up to the task of replacing him:

“We are all sad to say goodbye to Robbie Sheehan – he has been brilliant as Nathan. Luckily for us, all of Nathan’s filthy lines were written by  Howard Overman, and there’s loads more where they came from – we call it the Overman dirt bank. [and] Rudy is another classic Overman creation.”

Misfits returns to E4 in the Fall.

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Overman Talks Misfits Series Three

If you followed series two of E4’s Misfits (Which we did, and we had some excellent things to say about it here.), then most likely you are dying to know what happens and what new powers our orange jumpsuited protagonists have chosen.

Howard Overman, the series creator and also the writer behind the recently approved Dirk Gently series, recently talked to SFX and gave some teasers to what will happen in series three, starting with the biggest of them all, what happens with the Misfits powers?

“They’re all going to have brand new powers. Nobody will have the same powers as in the second series…It’s quite daunting because they’ve had their powers for two series, and you’ve got to come up with a whole new set of powers, and we’re very much constrained with the type of powers we can do because you have to think about what works in terms of the character and story, as well as what’s achievable on our budget. We set up the idea that the powers are always linked to personality, so even now the characters’ choices are influenced and reflect the characters’ personalities, or else it just feels a bit arbitrary.”

Overman will not be able to write all eight episodes of the third series of Misfits due to commitments to the aforementioned Dirk Gently series as well as Merlin.

However, he will be getting them back into those nice looking orange jumpsuits as soon as he can:

“That’s the look of the show. They’re on community service and their jumpsuits are their de facto superhero costumes, so I will be finding a way to get them back in the jumpsuits fairly quickly.”

As for what kind of story lines we can expect, there were no definite clues given, but  Overman did have this to say:

“There’s one slightly bigger storyline towards the end of series three. I think there are two big stories in all because we’ve got eight episodes this year. One is a sort of mid-season break. It won’t become like other shows where they’re saving the world, although in one episode they kind of do save the world.”

The Misfits will return in the Autumn to E4.
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Being Human Episode Seven Press Release

The official press release for the seventh episode of Being Human, “Though the Heavens Fall” has been released:

Nancy’s investigation into the Box Tunnel massacre continues, and she is convinced that Mitchell is responsible – she just needs to find some proof. Annie too is determined that the killer must be caught, and offers her help every step of the way, unaware of the implications it might have.

McNair and Tom turn up on the doorstep of Honolulu Heights needing help, and decide to stay a few days until an injured McNair is better.

With four werewolves now under his roof and a full moon imminent, Mitchell is feeling edgy. He’s terrified his end is nigh, and will go to any lengths to extract Herrick’s secret from him.

Nancy is played by Erin Richards, Mitchell by Aidan Turner, Annie by Lenora Crichlow, McNair by Robson Green, Tom by Michael Socha and Herrick by Jason Watkins.

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