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After two years of hoping, speculating, and waiting Sherlock is finally back! On New Year’s Day the country’s favourite consulting detective is back on our screens. So why am I looking forward to it? Firstly to find out how Sherlock faked his death. Needless to say for the past two years the fans have been trying to figure it out, and most are certain they’ve solved this case, much like Holmes. However creator Steven Moffat has teased that there is something big that people have missed, making the fans feel a little more like Watson…

Sherlock is one of the biggest, best-written British dramas. It combines brilliant acting with talented writing. But what exactly makes it so popular with the fans? Although there are only three episodes per season, each is the length of a film. Each separate story feels like a film as well. Sherlock is also set in the modern day which makes the show a lot more relevant. Instead of horse drawn carriages we have taxis, instead of telegrams there are emails and texts. Of course Sherlock wouldn’t be a brilliant show without its characters, and one that everyone can relate with is Molly Hooper. Molly works for the police in the morgue and occasionally helps Sherlock with cases, but poor Molly is hopelessly in love with the nation’s best looking detective. Molly, in the show, is exactly like the fans.

A lot of fans are looking forward to how the relationship will change between John and Sherlock. Now, if you are a hardcore fan or ‘Sherlockian’ you will probably know that a lot of the fans ‘ship’ ‘Johnlock’. Now if you don’t know what shipping is….run and hide, save yourself! Shipping is where you want two fictional, and sometimes non-fictional, people to be in a relationship. ‘Johnlock’ is the ‘ship’ name for John and Sherlock’s imaginary relationship. People are hoping John will confess his undying love for the handsome detective when he comes back. But let’s face it, it’s not going to happen.

However the relationship is going to have to change. John has moved on with his life and has a new partner, and believes that Sherlock isn’t coming back. So how will John react to the news that his beloved friend has been alive for the last two years and not even contacted him? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Let’s not forget, however, what really makes the show worth waiting two years for: Sherlock Holmes. This brilliant character, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is basically an annoying git. Albeit, a clever, good-looking, annoying git. But there is something about him that makes us love him. His cold arrogance is captivating and intriguing. His sociopathic tendencies and peculiar habits amuse us. Most of all though, his sharp observational skills and intelligence make us admire him. Sherlock may be annoying but we love him for it and that is the main reason why we can’t wait for Sherlock to return. So we can have this brilliant, humorous, arrogant detective on our screens again!

Sherlock is back on BBC One on New Year’s Day at 9.30pm with The Empty Hearse. Meanwhile, watch out for a mini-episode on BBC iPlayer on Christmas Eve!

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