Film James Bond's happiness is stolen from him in a heartbeat in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Published on October 7th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley


So How DID George Lazenby Win the Bond Role?

George Lazenby, a guy who watched Dr No and instantly decided he wanted to be James Bond; a guy who spent the next 7 years chasing the dream, only to throw it all away.

But hang on – how, exactly, did a guy with no acting background actually get the biggest movie role on the planet? Lazenby, whose sole movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service remains a Cult Britannia favourite, revealed the true story for the new 50th anniversary documentary, Everything Or Nothing.

We’ll have a full review of the documentary for you tomorrow…

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One Response to So How DID George Lazenby Win the Bond Role?

  1. Carl Pickles says:

    Heh. If that’s true, that’s some genius-level blagging there from Mr Lazenby! Didn’t like OHMSS as a Bond film, but I’ve got new respect for the man!

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