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Published on April 2nd, 2013 | by Christian Cawley


The Saint Reboot – It’s Really Happening!

Several years ago it became apparent that a new version of The Saint was being developed. Initially featuring James Purefoy (who we think would have been perfect) the production sadly stuttered into development hell back in 2008.

Rumours at the time indicated shooting had already commenced, but the lack of any footage from this suggests otherwise. Still, no need to be disappointed as we finally have our successor to Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy!

Say hello to Adam Rayner:

Clearly meant as a canonical continuation of The Saint/Return of the Saint (in which Ogilvy was surely meant to be the same character as Moore, a few years on), the presence of the two previous faces of Simon Templar is particularly fan-pleasing.

What do you think? Is this the right time for Simon Templar’s return?

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6 Responses to The Saint Reboot – It’s Really Happening!

  1. Anonymous says:

    t least they’ve taken elements from them. Pat Holm was the Saint’s partner in the first few books and is supposed to be nearly his equal. Eliza Dushku looks very promising. Inspector John Henry Fernack appears in “The Saint in New York” (as does Valcross. Rayt Marius is an early Saint antagonist. This is a REALLY exciting trailer. I look forward to watching the movie.

  2. TonyS says:

    Oops! some of my post didn’t get through. But I have spent this evening in a state of great excitement.

  3. The Moore and Ogilvy versions of “The Saint” were hi-brow entertainment. From the trailer. it looks like this new version will go overboard on violence.

  4. TonyS says:

    any more news on when we might expect to see this?

  5. Christian Cawley says:

    Not as yet, but apparently they’ve shot more than just a pilot…

  6. TonyS says:

    There was violence in both Moore and Ogilvy versions. And there certainly is in the books. The Saint is on the side of the angels but will if needed employ “ungodly” means to defeat his opponents. The trailer does seem to show a lot of violence. But that is in the nature of trailers. It’s supposed to grab our attention and make us want to see the film. This does make me want to see the finished product.

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